Team Awesome


We begin our exploration of the Library underneath Highfort. We push past the foyer to enter a huge natural-seeming cavern, but closer inspection showed it to be carved from the living rock with stacks upon stacks of shelving rising hundreds of feet into the air.

Suddenly from behind us comes a whispering sussurus of “shhhhh.” We meet a spectre who tells us that the ghosts here serve the Librarion (capital L implied). When asked who the librarian is, they reply “The Librarian IS.”

Another spectre appears, and beckons for us to follow. After leading us on a maundering path through the library, we finally arrive at a stand of shelves that don’t look spectacularly different from the others, and the spectre points to a book titled “Manual of the Planes. – second printing”. It speaks of a Librarian, who is an exarch of Ioun from the astral sea. Ye gods, we are seriously outclassed.

Placing the manual of the planes back on the shelf, we ask the spectres to show us to information relating to the lost kingdom of Gor. We are led away to a new section of the library, discussing on the way the capacity and scope of the Librarian. We are led to a huge section of the library that contains all the knowledge of the kingdom of Gor. It is a daunting amount of info, but we begin the search anyway for the info we need.

A voice whispers around us, “Who seeks knowledge of the lost kingdom of Gor?” Each person points at Kaeronus, terrified of the voices in the dark. Li notices the tiny spirits that haunt these pages wisp away, and the library begins to bend around the shape of an enormous owl with a face reminiscent of the full moon.

Kaeronus steps forward and speaks to the Librarian, explaining our need to find the parts of the key to the thundering chaos to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, as the wrong hands are seeking it.

The owl nods his understand, and speaks that he is commanded by the Librarian to serve the scion of Gor, the son of the lost royal family, and the most rightful person to bear the burden of the keys to the thundering chaos. We begin our hours of research into locating the lost kingdom.

We eventually learn that the kingdom of Gor is on a fixed point-one on the astral plane, however, which means the kingdom moves around this plane in nomadic fashion. We learn that Bane sent his hobgoblins to assault that fortress in search of the teeth of the key to thundering chaos, a fact which is strange given that the thundering chaos is the prison for a primordial, an ancient enemy of the gods. We assume that Bane is prideful, and believes in his arrogance he can control the destruction within.

We search for the tools to navigate the stars of the astral sea so that we may use them to track the movements of the lost kingdom of Gor. We learn that the planes will not be coterminus for another 6 years, but we may be able to travel to the astral sea, traverse it until we find the star of Gor, and then travel back along that line to this plane to the place here where Gor should be.

We depart the library in search of a temple of Avandra, goddess of travel, and hope they will take pity on us and grant us a discount on planar travel.

We spend the rest of our evening resting in the Muddy Pig Inn, getting a hot meal after all that exhausting research. While we are trying to peacefully enjoy our meal, the sound of muddy pebbles and stones cascade across the room, and the inn explodes in arcane magic. Elementals rise up from the floor, and the shadowy figure in the corner throws back his hood to reveal Inveress, the snooty Eladrin we had fought and defeated before, in the dwarven temple below the city of Barrows Edge.

Current party gold: 1270 gp



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