Team Awesome


New place: Highfort New NPC: Mikaal

We arrived at Highfort without further incident along the road. We found that the city was huge, but to our great fortune our wizard, Kaeronus VII, was adept at navigating the city. We soon found the great library, amongst the temples and other houses of knowledge within Highfort, and proceeded to ATTACK THE BOOKS.

You know. With our knowledge and skills and book learnin’.

Oh wait. We have a warden, a shaman, and a druid…ok, so book learnin’ isn’t our strong suit. Nonetheless, the druid attempted to sniff out in her wolf form any books that shared a scent with our lost prince of Gor, our warden attempted to use his knowledge of dungeoneering to suss out where such a book might be kept, and our shaman attempted to speak with the spirits of the books, which once were trees. The wizard used his familiar, that all-seeing eye Blinky to scout the very top shelves of the books.

Alas, we found our search in the history section of this library fruitless. So, we used our last resort: we asked a librarian.

The librarian consulted his big book o’ more books, and told us there appeared to be no reference whatsoever to the great, lost kingdom of Gor. He treated us like kids playing at a game of pretend, and was very rude. Thbbpt.

He did, however, grudgingly direct us to a mad mage who lived and worked in one of the highest towers of the scholars quarter of Highfort. There we met Mikaal, covered in blasting powder, and surrounded by strange and crazy creatures, most comprised of two other creatures mashed together, such as the bear-owl (an owl with a bear’s head), a squark (a squid-shark), and what he referred to as a domesticated griffin (a pigeon-housecat crossover).

After some back and forth, we finally found out from Mikaal that there exists a city under the city—that Highfort had been built on a swamp, and as the city sank, the denizens simply built on top of it. That’s why there are so many towers within the city-someday the tops would be at ground level.

The library was no exception. However, visiting the undercity had been banned by the duke of Highfort because of the high amount of danger below, and all regular entrances to it had been blocked off accordingly. Mikaal was able to let slip that there was an ancient sewer entrance nearby that would, at one point, descend into the depths of the old city, provided that we were willing to break the law of the Duke to enter in the first place, and that we were foolhardy enough to fight through whatever lurks below to get it.

We’re adventurers, we said. Breaking the law and foolhardiness are our main skills.

So we slipped off into the afternoon sunlight, leaving Mikaal with a promise that we’d bring him a present from our vacation to the sewers / old city, and dropped ourselves into the sewers.

Yes. It’s disgusting down there.

We encountered our first opposition in the form of sewer rats. Rats, pfft, we thought. We prepared ourselves for some boot-stomping action, when some of the rats shifted in form to become halflings. Oh. Were-rats. Where-rats? There-rats! Oh crap.

And there our story ended for the week, with us standing victorious, blood-and-sewage spattered, facing a long road ahead of us.



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