Team Awesome

Finding the rod

To recap so far: We had fought our way through the temple under Barrow’s Edge, and chased off the gnolls and their foppish eladrin leader to recover the artifact they sought for the “cloaked man.” We started today’s session by opening the sacred box in the center of the temple.

Kaeronus opens the chest and pulls out a rod. Li sees the spirits of dwarven ancestors and asks them the nature of the rod they have found, and the spirits respond reverantly “It is the key against the thundering chaos.”

We decide to follow the tunnel beyond the broken wall of the burial chamber, reasoning that that’s where the gnolls had dug down, with the hopes of finding their camp and finding out more about them, or at least sealing the tunnel to keep others from using it to invade Barrows Edge from below.

We hear scurrying down the tunnel, and half our party rushes forward to enter an area rimmed with light. We hear around the corner the voice of Imveriss, the haughty eladrin that fled battle earlier.

Kaeronus hands the rod to Grom’kar for safekeeping, and Grom’kar recognizes that this rod, that which is a key against chaos, rails against the chaos forces Kaeronus taps into for his arcane machinations.

Kaeronus sends his eye familiar, whom we call Blinky, around the corner to spy on the group. It brings back images of gnolls and crystal formations, and of Imveriss fleeing again. It becomes imperative that we pursue him, for he clearly knows more about this situation and may have info regarding the “thundering chaos.” We enter the room, and are confronted by gnolls and hyenas, whom we soundly defeat.

We wend our way out of the caverns, exiting via an abandoned mine shaft, which we collapse to prevent future invasion by that route. We return to Barrow’s Edge to inform the mayor, Mallie Marchess, of what transpired beneath her inn. She rewards us for our efforts.

We visit the Thamior, the eladrin mage, who tells us this rod is the shaft of the key of chaos, which when assembled would unlock the thundering chaos and plunge the world into disaster. We tell him of the dwarven temple below the city, and he is excited about the find. We ask about a large library or mage school we could visit to learn more information, and he tells us there is one at Highfort.

He tells us the teeth of the key is with the elves of corellon, whose fortress disappeared into the feywild. The grasp of the key was in the human kingdom of Gor, which is Kaeronus’ homeland. In fact, Kaeronus is the lost prince of Gor, whose parents were murdered when he was young. We learn that the chaos held back by this key is that of Mual-Tar, the thunder serpent, who lies chained in the elemental chaos.



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