Team Awesome


We leave the library with our newfound information and approach the temple of Avandra. Li takes her leave on the temple steps, saying she is too old for the kinds of adventures in front of this group. The three remaining people go inside and plead with the clerics of Avandra for a boon; two planar shift rituals so they may traverse the Astral sea. A dragonborn cleric dining with a rogueish good looking human rose to ask them of their needs. Upon hearing the dire circumstances, the cleric Anoura took the group to meet the Abbess, bringing the bard, Jax along to keep him out of trouble.

The abbess agreed to help the party after being convinced of their dire plight, but needed components to finish the rituals. She spoke of a place where crystal creatures of madness lurked, whose shards could complete the ritual. The abbess commands Anoura to help the party, and seeing lucrative opportunity, Jax tags along as well.

We enter the cave that few have returned from, and begin plumbing its depths and defeating monstrosities within in pursuit of our most noble quest.



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